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What to Do Before Your Residential Roofing Experts Arrive

Prepare Like a Pro  

If you are planning to install a new rooftop, make sure you do it right. Doing it right means you must hire the right residential roofing expert for the installation work.

Before the roofers arrive, here’s what you need to accomplish first:

Protect Belongings in the Attic

Even though you’re not using the things in the attic, it’s still best to protect them with plastic or blankets. Roofing work can be messy, and a lot of debris will drop. To avoid damaging the items you keep in there, you must make sure you relocate or cover them.

Relocate Vehicles

You wouldn’t want your car to be severely damaged. Right? To avoid seeing cracked windshields or scratched bodywork, park it in a safer area close to your property. It’s best to do this before your residential roofing service providers arrive so you can use the time to guide them around your house.

Remove Potted Plants

Before the work starts, remove your potted flowers and plants from every corner of the outdoor structure. It will help you avoid harming them and ruining their beautiful appearance. You can place them in the nursery or a room in the house where no heavy traffic occurs. Keep them out of reach of pets and kids since some leaves can be toxic.

Keep Children and Pets Safe

Kids and pets are going to be curious about the noise and activities. Roofing work involves using a lot of sharp equipment and tools. Accidents and injuries relating to rooftop work can be lethal. Make sure you ask a close friend or relative to watch over your children or pets until the project is complete.

Give Your Neighbors the Heads-Up

It would be rude to begin a noisy and messy project without informing your neighbors of what is about to happen. Help them prepare for the noise by letting them know you are installing a new roof. It will give you the chance to show them you’re a mindful and responsible neighbor.

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