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Thinking of Renovating Your Attic for More Space?

What the Different Home Renovation Options for Attics Are

If you are desperate for more space in your already crowded home and have an attic, have you thought of embarking on a home renovation project on your attic space? If not, read this post on some of the options you may have.

Attic renovations vary and can include improving the energy efficiency of an attic or turning it into a living or entertaining area. Energy improvements can consist of insulating the space and making sure it more fireproof. Creating additional rooms is significantly more difficult and expensive, and will often involve installing drywall, building up a subfloor, and cutting windows into existing walls. Depending on the work done, homeowners may have to bring in a professional contractor for work that needs their specialized skills.

Homeowners who only have small attic storage should consider energy efficiency attic renovations. This kind of updating and repair work can significantly improve the flow of air circulation throughout the house, in addition to reducing how much money the homeowner spends on energy consumption. All ceiling areas and support joists that separate the attic from the rest of the house must be thoroughly insulated and checked for any air leaks between the attic and the uppermost floor.

The likes of gable fans or roof ventilators can be installed in this area to improve airflow. Ventilators and fans are installed into openings that need to be cut into the roof, or into the already pre-existing space of an A-frame gable. They work off electricity, and will circulate hot, moist air out from the attic and bring in cool, exterior air. These units must be surrounded with water-resistant seals in order to stop weathering elements from entering the space at the installation site.

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