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Not Sure What to Do With Your Plain Walls?

Are There Different Kinds of Home Interior Painting Techniques?

If you are fed up of looking plain and drab walls, read this Josep Home Improvement post on some of the different home interior painting techniques that you can try to liven up your walls.

Even though the most common method when painting wall is to use one basic color, have you considered a faux finish? This is a painting method that produces the look of natural items like marble or stone. Other painting techniques range from murals, sponging, stenciling, and striping.

Murals are painted scenes that will often fill at least one wall in a room. Mural painting that is done in other interior spaces are more sophisticated, and a professional mural painter is often hired to work. Nature murals are especially common, however, the painter will usually customize their work for the homeowner.

Decorative painting techniques like swirls of paints applied on brushes in order to create flowers, ocean waves, and other motifs can be used on wall murals or on borders. Decorative painting methods are not only used on interior walls, but also on framed pictures and even kitchen backsplashes. Decorative interior painting methods are sometimes applied directly to tiles. Stenciling is a type of decorative interior painting, which involves dabbing color with brushes or sponges on to a cutout shape in order to create a pattern once the stencil is removed.

Stenciling is frequently done in country-themed homes, and unlike the more artistic style of decorative interior painting techniques, all stenciling needs is the ability to dab or spread color within a cutout shape. Striping is a similar painting technique which also consists of filling in color within the lines of a space. Heavy-duty masking tape will be applied in straight lines on interior walls, and the farther apart the tape is placed, the wider the stripes will be.

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