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Not All Paint Can Be Used on the Exterior of Buildings!

What Is the Best Paint to Use When Performing an Exterior Home Painting Project?

When it comes to exterior home painting, standard paint just will not cut it. Read on to find out why latex paint is often the best way to go?

Exterior latex paint is a specific type of paint that is suitable to use on many home exteriors. Though the name latex is used, the ingredients in the paint don’t actually contain any material from rubber trees. Instead, they are usually a combination of plastic resin or some other manufactured chemicals and water.

In most instances, latex paint is used as it can be cleaned up easily, and it doesn’t require the use of thinners or removers which can pose a fire hazard. A person that gets latex paint on clothing or hair will have an easy time removing it, especially when the paint is still damp. This type of paint is preferred because it is durable and quick-drying when compared to their oil-based or alkyd counterparts.

There are several advantages to using exterior latex paint, other than their easy cleanup, these paints are referred to as opaque, due to the fact they can cover others colors completely. People need to note though, that any paint used on the exterior will be more expensive than interior paints. This is because they need to contain more of the resin than their interior counterparts, and this additional resin is what keeps them moisture resistant when dry and more durable in various weather conditions.

Even though exterior latex paint comes with several advantages, it is not suitable for all exteriors. When the paint is being applied over alkyd paint, the results are often not desirable. Experts recommend covering pre-existing paint with the same type in order to achieve a better finish and look.

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