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Interior Painting Steps Your Painter Shouldn’t Skip

Brighten Up Your Walls

Interior painting is essential for updating and redesigning a home. New interior paint will improve your home without breaking the budget. You can freshen your home’s décor by painting an accent wall or ceiling.

There are certain steps you should make sure your professional painter follows. If you’re too busy and inexperienced to handle an interior project yourself, it’s in your best interest to hire a professional painter. A reputable professional painting firm will always follow the 5 important painting stages.


First, plan your interior painting. Large or little, any interior job needs planning to be done right. Discuss what sections you want to paint, the room’s color palette, what colors would work well, and your paint preferences. Be sure to ask your painter if a ceiling or closet needs painting or fixing. Keeping spaces consistent and picking the correct paint finish and color are key to project success.


Taking precautions to protect the furnishings and things in your area is an additional crucial painting stage. Most do-it-yourself painters will not accomplish this appropriately. Once planning is complete and you have determined what will be painted, it is crucial to ensure that everything in your space is well secured.


Painting professionals will prepare walls, ceilings, and other surfaces next. It’s a simple technique to ensure that your fresh paint work will last for years. Before painting, clean the walls. Painting over filth and grime won’t help your project last. Your home may need sanding, caulking, or fixing before painting. Your painter will do these things to prepare your walls for painting.


Many DIYers avoid priming, but professional painters do it every time, for every surface. Professional painters should always prime walls and ceilings. Paint primer creates an even base for longer-lasting, better-looking paint. Primer hides dark or uneven wall color from stains or other issues.


Painting is the final phase. Your painter will protect, prepare, prime, and paint your interior (another benefit of hiring a professional painter, instead of trying it yourself). A modest painting project requires many supplies.

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