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Home Improvement Tips to Increase Resale Value

What Are the Best Home Improvements That Increase House Value?  

If you are considering investing in home improvement, the following projects will provide the best return on investment. Of course, for accurate estimates, contact a company that is local to you.

Garage door replacement

  • Cost: $3,600
  • Resale: $3,520
  • Recoup: 97.5%

Small kitchen remodel

  • Cost: $22,507
  • Resale: $18,123
  • Recoup: 80.5%

Wood Deck addition

  • Cost: $13,333
  • Resale: $10,083
  • Recoup: 75.6%

Replace Siding

  • Cost: $16,036
  • Resale: $12,119
  • Recoup: 75.6%

New Steel Entry door

  • Cost: $1,826
  • Resale: $1,368
  • Recoup: 74.9%

Vinyl Window replacement

  • Cost: $16,082
  • Resale: $12,332
  • Recoup: 73.4%

Wooden Window replacement

  • Cost: $20,526
  • Resale: $14,530
  • Recoup: 70.8%

Composite Deck addition

  • Cost: $19,150
  • Resale: $13,232
  • Recoup: 69.1%

You don’t have to spend thousands to make your home more appealing to buyers. Consider these lower-cost projects instead.

New paint

Most homes will receive natural wear and tear, such as a few dings on walls or nail holes where pictures used to hang. All of these imperfections are noticeable in marketing photos, so a fresh coat of paint will provide your home a fresh and more updated look for buyers. Statistics show that 36% of sellers will paint the interior before they come to sell.

New lighting

Good lighting is vital when showcasing your home, especially when it does not receive a great deal of natural light. Upgrading your lighting can be easy and inexpensive, and it can make even the smallest rooms appear larger. Consider taking these steps:

  • Add new pendants in your kitchen.
  • Spruce up the decor with some new window treatments.

Small bathroom updates

You don’t need to remove tile or add all-new fixtures to give your bathroom a new look. 26% of sellers make improvements to their bathrooms before selling, and they can be simple fixes such as:

  • Replacing vanity lights for a more updated look.
  • Recaulking or reglazing the tub instead of replacing it.

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