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Gorgeous Exterior Color Ideas for Your Home Improvement Project

For Tints and Themes  

One of the most vital aspects of home improvement is choosing a new exterior tint. Now, the truth is, there are numerous colors available out there. The challenge you will face is selecting a hue that will suit both your home and your taste.

To help you unleash your creativity, here are outdoor structure color ideas that will amaze your guests and friends:

Golden Yellow

Achieve a home with a summer house feels with this tint. The golden yellow siding will look marvelous with a crimson metal roof and gorgeous white foundations. This option is excellent for those who are looking for a great way to emphasize positivity, joyfulness, and playfulness around their property.

Black and White

Just imagine a modern house with black-painted trim and white siding. Wouldn’t that look marvelous? If you pair it with a bright red door, the contrast will appear unique and personalized, which means you will own one of the most outstanding properties in the local area.

Navy Blue

The magnificence and uniqueness of the shade navy blue will never fail to bring a professional and sophisticated look. Pair this with chestnut brown or creamy-white trim. Brick foundations and a smooth marble porch are also a great addition to your home improvement project.

Light Lilac

For a vintage and classic-looking exterior, light lilac will appear both timeless and rare at the same time. This color brings out a pleasant, sweet, friendly, and welcoming vibe. White window trim and a brown door will complete the classical appearance. Don’t be afraid to add decorations like a rocking chair on the porch and some hanging petunias.

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