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Exterior Home Painting Techniques

Painting Home Fences!

Fencing need to be maintained regularly because they are the first thing people see when they look at your property. If you paint it, make sure to use quality exterior house paints that can last for more than five years. To paint your home fence, you can ask for assistance from a trusted house painter. Here are the exterior home painting techniques that will help you perform the task easier and faster:

Painting the Fence Black

If your fence is made of wood and this is its original color, consider painting it with flat black paint. The color of your fence will look gothic when you paint it. If your fence is made of concrete or metal, you can choose a color to your liking. Just remember to leave some unpainted area around the fence so the new paint has a contrasting color.

Adding Some Decorative Trim

Adding decorative trim to your fence is also a good idea if your fence is made of wood. For example, you can paint the fence in a lighter shade of gray and then add white wooden posts and trim. You can also paint the fence in a dark shade of green and then add some decorative wooden stakes and trim. For fences that are made of metal, you can install a wooden fence with metal fencing. Just remember to install the posts of the fence before you paint it.

Painting the Fence in One Coat

If the paint that you are using is not enough to cover the entire surface of the fence, you need to apply more paint. But remember to apply the paint in one coat so the fence will have a uniform look. You also need to make sure that you cover the entire surface of the fence with the paint. If you are painting the fence on your own, make sure to wear safety gear from the head down to the toe.

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