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DIY vs Do-It-For-You

Home Improvement Projects You Can Easily Do

Ever wished that you could give your home a new look without the extensive cost and time of a complete renovation? Well if you’re willing to put in a little bit of work, there are plenty of DIY home improvement projects you can undertake that will help transform your space—no contractor required.

Freshen Up the Flooring

Floors take a beating and carpets are dirt magnets. You can rent a carpet cleaner at a home improvement store (and some grocery stores) for about $30 a day or buy one for about $150 or less. All it takes is 24 hours to give carpets in an average-size home a good scrub and allow them time to dry. If your floors are worn or damaged and you don’t have the money or skill to replace them, a few carefully coordinated area rugs will add color and hide blemishes. You can find a room-size flat-weave cotton rug for $200 or less.

Brighten Up the Light Fixtures

Begin by removing glass covers on ceiling lights and fans and giving them a good cleaning with soap and water. If you can’t remove them, wipe them down with a damp rag. Use a microfiber cloth to remove dust and cobwebs from fixtures and ceiling fans, too. And remember to have someone help you, especially when standing on a ladder or step stool. If there’s room in the budget, replacing mismatched light fixtures is a good investment.

Rearrange and Declutter

An organized home means that everything has a place and nothing goes unused. Begin by clearing out the clutter and getting rid of unwanted items in storage spaces and spare rooms. You may be able to sell some items; otherwise, donate clean, gently used items to the charity of your choice. Once you’ve made room, try rearranging furniture to change traffic patterns or swapping accent pieces like lamps or wall hangings between rooms.

Add Accents

A neutral color scheme on the walls is a no-fail way to market a house, but pops of color give it life. Small things such as throw pillows, wall hangings, and table decorations add flair and can be easily changed out seasonally for a new look. If you or a loved one is crafty or artistic, consider displaying a treasured work in a place of prominence. Search eBay, Craigslist, and local thrift stores and estate sales for unique finds. Remember: The searching is half the fun!

The key to choosing the perfect DIY home improvement task is to focus first on what you’re trying to accomplish and then consider how much time you want to spend doing it. While all of these projects are easy to complete, some are more time-intensive than others so you want to be sure that you know what you’re getting into when you get started. On the bright side: none of these projects should take you more than a weekend or two, and many of them can be done in just a couple of hours or less. However, should you in a dire need for a major home makeover, it’s best to call on the professionals like Josep Home Improvement. We cater to clients in Fredericksburg, VA and the surrounding areas. Call us at (540) 322-6537 for inquiries.

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