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Damages That Call For an Exterior Home Painting Company

While many homeowners consider interior painting when they want to change the decor of their home or create a fresh and tidy appearance, several homeowners neglect the exterior paint surfaces of their homes. An exterior home painting company can not only add to your curb appeal but can provide weather protection schemes for your home. To guarantee that your home looks its best, you should consider the importance of your exterior paint scheme.

Exterior paint varies greatly from interior paint as it needs to provide adequate protection for the surfaces of your home. Here’s a look at the damages that nature and time can bring forth to your home’s exterior paint:


Patterned cracking in the paint film matching the scales of an alligator.


Bubbles emerging from localized loss of adhesion and lifting of the paint film from the underlying surface.


Accumulation of fine powder on the surface of the paint film during weathering, which can cause color fading. Although any degree of chalking is a normal, desirable way for a paint film to wear, excessive film erosion can result in heavy chalking.

Cracking +  Flaking

The splitting of a dry paint film through at least one coat, which will lead to complete failure of the paint. Initially, the problem appears as hairline cracks, later flaking of paint chips occurs.


Premature and/or extreme fading of the paint color, which often occurs on exterior surfaces facing southern and western exposures. This is comparably easy to see because hidden areas such as eaves will not usually fade. Fading/poor color retention can likewise be a result of the chalking of coating.

Mildew + Algae

Black, gray, or brown spots or areas found on the paint film or caulk bead.


Paint or coating lifting of a facade due to poor adhesion. Peeling may involve one or several coats.

If you’re considering refreshing your exterior paint, you should consider that your usual decorator may not be properly equipped for this kind of a challenge. It’s important to hire an exterior home painting company that has the equipment and expertise to manage all aspects of home painting.

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